Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard about starting Keto diet. With celebs from Kim and Kourtney Kardashian to Gwyneth Paltrow publicly declaring their love for the eating plan, the popularity of Keto has skyrocketed. So what is the Keto diet, anyway? Short for ketogenic, it’s a low carb, moderate protein, and high-fat diet that purports to put the body into a metabolic state known as ketosis. See complete details here.

I have been doing Keto for last 1 year and based on my experience I have come up with an ultimate guide for starting Keto diet journey.

Note: If you are doing keto for weight loss, then before starting of every week measure your weight once you have started keto. Also check out , “why are u not loosing weight?”

Getting Ready :-

  1. Understanding Concept of Keto/ Science behind KETO  :- keto-diet-explained
  2. Check Keto and Non Keto Foods :- Keto-FoodsCarb-Details of vegetables , Keto-Nuts
  3. Make sure you understand Sweetener’s concept and differences :- Sweeteners
  4. Before starting Keto , these thing are important to know :- Important Things
  5. Know about Keto Cramps.
  6. Get Carb Manager app to manage your carb/protein/fat count. Its free.

Write to me , in case you have any confusion.

Week 1

1. Start by reducing your carbohydrates intake(bread/pasta/burger bun/rice/sweets/sugar(any kind of)/potatoes/milk.
2. Increase your veggies(mushrooms/spinach/Brussel Sprouts/beans / bitter guard/broccoli/cauliflower) intake.
3. Protein source can be between 25-30% .
You can see list food list 

Week 2

  1. Along with week 1 steps , make a habit of starting your day with big glass water with G-tea/black tea+lemon/vinegar(1 tsp) +pinch of black salt/slice of ginger.
    These things will help you in switching.

Check Reason :-ketocramps

2. Your breakfast should be healthy fats like eggs/coconut porridge/healthy fats(coconut/almond flour) pancake/avocado smoothie with blue berries/spinach.

Check Receipes 

Week 3

  1. Now you are all set for your keto journey, Keto is all about 70%Fat , so increase your fat intake/electrolyte intake.  Most of the people face issue’s while switching because they donot eat enough fat , So make Keto snacks/Fat bombs

Week 4

  1. You are doing good my friend, now you can add ketoneboostercoffee / Fat rich smoothie’s for your breakfast or eggs .

You can check list of Keto Products from here :-
Keto-Oils  ,Keto-Flours , Keto-Nuts , Keto-Snacks

Week 5

  1. If you feel like not loosing weight, then my friend take a break and understand that things will take time to give result. Now is the good time to understand concept of Intermittent Fasting

Week 6 & Beyond

  1. You are all set for Keto, If you want to check you are in Keto, Check here
  2. You might be experiencing Keto Flu like- leg cramps/ head ache/fever – this is because your body is switching and you are not having enough electrolytes (potassium/magnesium/sodium). So start having pickle juice!! Check these things.
  3. You might feel your hair falling more than usual – get a good collagen supplement (or bone broth)for that.
  4. Make sure you are having enough electrolytes/water.

Buy good fiber capsules/chia seeds/fish oil capsules/multivitamin. You might need multivitamin initially later , you will be fine. Other things will help you in by keeping your motions good. Check reason 

The moment you feel weak, go to different groups/website , write how you are feeling , they are all there to support each other in those moments.

Life is all about support/happiness in things which you want to achieve.

If you are doing everything defined above , you are doing great my friend. Believe me!!!

Always make sure, you listen to your body, it can indicate you what you are missing. If you have any questions let me know.

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