To date or to be in a relationship is the question.

With dating you can date whomever you want, you can have fun,, dating is supposed to be easy & carefree. The butterflies, the what if questions, how will it go, will he/won’t he kiss me. Meeting new people and going to new places. Maybe finding someone you can go on more dates with, have fun with and maybe build something.

But then on the other side of it, being in a relationship, you will always have that consent, that person  who will be there for you. You will have that special someone that you can talk to about anything. Maybe fall in love, get married and have a life together. But, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine though. It’s hard work, but it will be worth it with the right person.

So the question is When is it time to move from just dating to actually being in a relationship or when is it time to stop dating in general and find someone to be in a relationship with? Is there a protocol for this?

I hate to admit this but I’ve only been in maybe two relationships. The last one I was in, it felt so easy and the chemistry we had was so quick. The first night we meet, it was fun, he was sweet, and made me laugh. We spent till 1am together, talking and kissing. The chemistry was crazy. It was something I’ve never felt before. But he was so quick to turn dating into more. I always thought it was a couple of weeks or months before you make it ‘official’. He was so quick to make it official, that I think I got nervous because I didn’t want to jump into anything. I didn’t want to get into something and make a mistake. But that could also be the Gemini talking! lol.

It’s fun to be chased and wined and dined. Both are very compelling, both have a lot to offer, ups and downs, good and bad. Dating you are tied down, you are free to date whomever you want, do whatever you want and not worry about making someone mad by your decisions. But with a relationship, you have a partner in crime. You have someone you can trust, and be yourself with. You don’t have to keep getting to know someone, have to keep going on that first date.

It really bottles down to what you want, what is best for you. You can stay single for however long you want, if it makes you happy than have fun. However, you can find someone who makes you happy long enough to be in a relationship. Because lets face it, just being in a relationship isn’t set in stone.

Best of luck!

~xoxo SVD

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