Beyond Expectations

The Rule of Expectations uses expectations to influence reality and create results. People tend to make decisions based on how they themselves or others expect from them to do , which result in expectations , may be positive or negative. Fact is that expectations make a powerful impact on those whom we love or respect.

We often hear questions like:-

  • I can’t believe you can do this!!!
  • Why not do this way?
  • I love you but!!!
  • I do not understand why you are doing this or not doing this?

People often use such kind of expressions while dealing with relationships. Do you catch yourself in conversations like what others should or should not be doing ? or have expectations how others should respond to you.? I used to think , it’s integral part of our nature , we cannot help it!! It’s natural to expect certain feedback for what we say or do. These assumptions proved to bothering us mentally and emotionally. So I tried to stop questioning my assumption and realized , I was wrong .

People usually think that other person will also think as I do. If we expect certain thing from someone , other will also expect the same. Like when we give presents to someone on particular occasion , we will expect the same from them and vice versa goes on . We not only think about expectation , it get linked with emotions also , we start taking things personally . And that is the point where everything makes a drastic impact on our personality. It is hard for us to realize this unless we stop and realize the root cause of the problem people think and react differently. Otherwise we might be the photocopy of each other.

Solution is not to take things personally . Your expectations and opinions are yours only , same goes for other person also .This is simple shift in perspective but can dramatically change how you interact with them .Speak from your heart . Only say what you mean and is best supportive way possible. Your word can play a important role in conversation , can impact negatively or positively on other because they reflect you.

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